AMGRI® Automatic Monitor of Gaseous Radioactive Iodine

with automatic cartridge changer and on-line spectrometric analysis

AMGRI® is the State of the Art among Iodine Monitors, in terms of advanced design solutions and performances of the Gamma spectrometric measurement chain and cartridges changer mechanics. It has the same functional and mechanical construction of the AMRA-Sr® Aerosols Monitor; both equipment utilize the same digital gamma MCA. 

Thanks to the superior characteristics of its detector, the MCA is set-up for 4k channels, twice the number of channels normally usable with less performing scintillation detectors.

The innovative unique use of a SrI2(Eu) crystal with its very low intrinsic background and very high photonic yield makes possible at a reasonable cost the implementation of an industrial grade equipment with laboratory grade performances on-line.

Technical highlights

Main operational functions


  • Automatic cartridge changer, capacity up to 14 cartridges in one load 

  • Flow-rate control and measurement

  • Live spectrum acquisition

  • On-line spectra analysis and readout

  • Pb-214 peak automatic compensation

  • Evaluation of Iodine concentration in air

  • System parameters set-up

  • Programmable thresholds (alert and alarm) for radiological events 

  • Intrinsic automatic control of system operation

  • Full remote control

  • Built in test procedures

  • Data communication

Parameters set-up

  • Station identifier: identifier of the station

  • Sampling Time: total sampling time (ST) for cartridge (in hours and minutes)

  • Data period: data files issuing period

  • Iodine Alert Threshold: alert trip point for Iodine concentration   

  • Iodine Alarm Threshold: alarm trip point for Iodine concentration 

  • Flow Alarm Threshold: flow-rate trip point for ‘low flow’ alarm (X.XX m3/h).

  • Flow Filter Threshold: flow-rate trip point for filter change (X.XX m3/h).

  • MCAs set-up: coarse gain, fine gain, shaping, threshold, HV

  • Network: IP address, firewall, time synchronization 

Data Display

Programmed Parameters:

  • Flow-rate (m3/h)

  • Sampling time (h, min)

  • Data period (min)

  • Measuring time (h, min)

Actual values:

  • Flow-rate (m3/h)

  • Normalized Flow-rate (m3/h) (@ 25°C)

  • Cartridge (actual cartridge number)

  • Step (actual step number)

  • Sampled volume (m3)

  • Normalized Sampled volume (m3) (@ 25°C)

  • pressure (mbar - pressure drop through the cartridge)

  • Inlet Air temperature (°C )

  • Sampling time (h, min)

  • Elapsed time (h, min)

Status Information:

  • Failure description/code of failure if any Measurement data

  • Iodine concentration in air (Bq/m3)  statistical uncertainty

  • Iodine activity on cartridge (Bq)  statistical uncertainty

  • Iodine alert threshold (Bq/m3)

  • Iodine alarm threshold (Bq/m3)

  • Visual/acoustic alert and/or alarm for Iodine thresholds

  • Spectra visualisation on-line

  • Data format ANSI 42.42 or optionally other formats upon request