QDU® Quick deployment unit

Small. Mobile. Flexible. On every Place.

QDU elements

  • 2 x 600 mm2 SIID detectors with patented new high grade surface protection against harsh atmosphere, for on-line α / β particles detection and real time active γ background compensation

  • 2 x Digital MCAs, each 4K channels, for SIID detectors

  • Digital Δp sensor with integrated inlet air Temperature sensor, and digital Mass-flow sensor

       to allow highly accurate air flow regulation and normalization

  • PM10 sampling head on top of air inlet to ensure only collection of particles of size ≤ 10μ (breathable fraction, US EPA standard)

  • New filter material (Speclon) free of fibers, allowing up to 30% less energy loss of α particles and better resolution of α peaks

  • Integrated Meteorological Station


QDU Functions

  • On-line alpha/beta spectrum acquisition and readout

  • Gamma background compensation

  • Evaluation of artificial concentrations in air

  • Evaluation of total collected activities

  • System parameters set-up

  • Management of alert/alarm thresholds and trips

  • Flow-rate measurement and Flow thresholds management

  • Measurement of pressure drop through the filter

  • Inlet air temperature measurement

  • Management/detection of failures

  • Test and calibration operation

  • Data output and readout

  • Data storage and communication (LAN, LTE modem)

  • PM10 sampling head for outdoor operation

QDU Available data

  • Air flow rate [m3/h]

  • Normalized flow rate (T=25°C)

  • Sampled air volume [m3]

  • Normalized volume [Nm3]

  • Pressure drop through the filter [mbar]

  • Air temperature [°C]

  • Artificial Beta concentration in air - [Bq/m3 with uncertainty]

  • Artificial Alpha concentration in air - [Bq/m3 with uncertainty]

  • Radon concentration in air - [Bq/m3 with uncertainty]

  • Thoron concentration in air - [Bq/m3 with uncertainty]

  • Total Beta activity on filter - [Bq]

  • Total Alpha activity on filter - [Bq]

  • Gamma Dose-rate [μSv/h] (Through Meteo station data-logger)

  • GPS coordinates (Through Meteo station data-logger)


QDU Filter Tape

  • Custom made Tape of Speclon PTFE-membrane, 60mm wide, non hygroscopic

  • High surface deposition characteristic, 1.5 μm porosity

  • Sharper energy resolution for alpha spectroscopy

  • Polyester backing prevents tearing or breaking

QDU Analysis validation

  • The algorithm has been validated and tested at the CALLIO Lab 2 in Finland, in an ambient saturated with Radon (about 250 Bq/m3), at about 1,500 m below sea level.

  • Lab 2 is built in an old exploration tunnel at the depth of 1430 meters. This is currently the deepest located Lab and is only ten meters above the bottom of the mine. The Lab consists of entrance and experimental halls both 120 m2. There is a concrete floor and shotcrete walls and roof. Extra rock stability is achieved through additional 4 km of rock bolts installed into the rock. The Lab can be reached from the main level in 5 minutes by car and from the surface in 10 minutes using the elevator down to main level and then by car. Temperature on average is 26 C and RH is 55-65%.