Sensors, monitors and loggers - integrated in one place.

Sensors, monitors and loggers: 


  • Gamma dose rate probe

  • Automatic Monitor of Radioactive Aerosol (AMRA) ®

  • Automatic Monitor of Radioactive Gaseous Iodine (AMGRI) ®

  • Meteo Data Logger AMS-111 IV

Meteo sensors:

  • Ultrasonic wind speed & direction sensor

  • Rain Gauge with compensator

  • Relative humidity & temperature probe

  • Barometer

  • Solar radiation sensor

  • 7 m tilt able mast with braked reel

Different Configurations:

  • Full Monitoring Station in shelter (Gamma Dose Rate, Radiation monitoring stations Aerosols and Iodine)

  • Gamma Area Monitoring Station

  • Gamma Area and Water Monitoring Station (inland waters)

  • Gamma Area and Water Monitoring Station (sea buoy)